vrijdag 9 mei 2014

Outfitpost || OnePiece, A Fashion Misfit

Hi Dolls,

You know, I must say, I'm a very lucky girl! 

Last Friday I got the chance to meet one of the owners and the brand ambassador of Onepiece!(OnePiece, you know that uber comfortable jumpsuit that us fashionistas don't approve of) 

Well, Thomas Martin Addams and Andy Samuels were in Amsterdam to promote OnePiece at the annual BeautyGloss party and fans were given a chance to win a meet-and-greet with them at the penthouse of the Conservatorium Hotel. I liked OnePiece on Facebook a while ago and of course I wanted to win the chance to meet Thomas so I could ask him a few things about the brand, so I entered the contest and guess what...I won! 

Along with a few other girls I met with them at the penthouse of The Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam and chilling with them was lots of fun, we ordered pizza, had a few drinks and after chilling we went to the BeautyGloss party together. 

Thomas Martin Addams(l) & Andy Samuels(r) 

All of the girls got a OnePiece and of course I had to do an outfitpost with mine. I must say, at first I was against girls going out with their OnePiece, but I have changed my mind...I absolutely love it! It's so comfortable, and styled the right way it could really work to go shopping or a fun g2g with friends! 

Let me know what you think, Is a OnePiece only for inside the house or also for outside????

Enjoy the pictures! 

Check out www.onepiece.com if you want to buy a OnePiece! 



Tanktop: Forever 21 | Jumpsuit: OnePiece.nl | Glasses: Eyelovebrillen.nl | Earrings: styleheadquarters.nl | Shoes: Primark | Bag: Bonjouq Rotterdam

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  2. Hi Shariengela and thanks for following my blog on Bloglovin. Now I follow you immediately!! I like very much this post....really funny and your bag is very beautiful!!!!


  3. Die zien er zo comfy uit! Wat leuk dat je de meet-and-greet had gewonnen!
    Liefs, Annelies

  4. Well done you got winning, that's a pretty funky one piece

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  8. You look absolutely stunning.
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