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Album Review || Iggy Azalea's 'The New Classic'

Hi Dolls,

Iggy Azalea just came out with her new album The New Classic!
I love everything about her! Her style is amazing and I love her unofficial album Ignorant Art so I really hope that The New Classic is even awesomer then Ignorant Art.
Iggy's one of my favorite female rappers so of course I had to do a small review of The New Classic! If you want to listen to it, no need to buy it on iTunes but just listen on Spotify! That's what I always do! I really hope that you'll like this review but first take a look at her latest video Fancy feat. Charli XCX!!!!

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1. Walk The Line
Iggy begins with a tough song, remembering us that she wasn't always glamorous but that she won't back down and that she'll always keep growing despite of all of the haters! This is a song with a catchy chorus, kind of cliche but I still love it! It reminds me of Eminem on his album Recovery! 

2. Don't Need Y'All
This song is also a reminder that she doesn't need anyone to succeed, and she raps about the struggles of the lifestyle she's in. She talks a lot about money. This isn't strange because her mentor is RAP king T.I., his lyrics are often about the struggle but he also raps a lot about fast cars and luxury. I like this song a lot, but that's only because of the slow beat.

3. 100 feat. Watchtheduck
This song is about how she claims to pay everything (read: designer clothes) herself and she's always on top and the best. It's a smooth song to listen to but again not a lot of great content. 

4. Change Your Life feat. T.I. 
Just check out the video! This is one of my favorite songs on the album! The beat is great, the lyrics don't have a lot of good content but it's always nice to listen to when you're pumped up!

5. Fancy feat Charli XCX 
I love Iggy on this song but I don't like Charli XCX. This could be a great hip hop song but i'm reminded by the pop element because of the hook! It became an upbeat, singalong song! But, I like the lyrics and what Iggy wants to tell us that she's paving the way for female rappers.   

6. New Bitch 
  This is a little bit of a shallow song. She's talking about being a man's new bitch, spending his money and how his ex is going to hate on Iggy. Very different from her message in Fancy and Don't Need Y├íll. I really never understood the need of women to call themselves 'bitches'. All in all it's a catchy song that will do great on the charts, at least that's what I think. 

7.  Work
Another one of my favorite songs, Work. This is the song that introduced me to Iggy Azalea, it has great lyrics and a catchy upbeat beat. This song tells her story and really made me fall in love with her. Check out the video, it has awesome fashion!

8. Impossible is Nothing
She just came out with this song a week ago and I love it. It really reminds me of Eminem in his Recovery -days. It tells a great story that you should never give up even though the going gets tough and it applies to everyone! Listen to it, you'll definitely love the lyrics! 

9. Goddess
What do you know... Another rapper that compares herself to a God. It's a nice song with an amazing beat. What can I say, she's a goddess, got it? =P I actually can't wait to see the video for this song! What will the fashion look like....

10. Black Widow feat. Rita Ora 
I hope that this will be another smash-hit for Rita and Iggy. I like this song a lot and it's actually one of my faves on this album. Rita's voice really completes this song! It's about the female dominance in a relationship and it's a song that pumps you up! Go and listen to it... Now!

11. Lady Patra feat. Mavado
Iggy just transformed into a dance hall queen with Lady Patra. I don't really like this song! But I can definitely see it's potential on the billboards! 

12. Fuck Love
And again, she talks about materialistic things like diamond and that she's in love with herself so she doesn't need anyone. I don't like this song. There's too much going on! 

13. Bounce
Everyone must have heard this song in a club! I like it, but I feel that it's not really Iggy's style! It's an upbeat, fun song to listen to, but it's too much pop for me, I don't want to hear a rapper on a track like this!   

14. Rolex
This is a really good song when you just came out of a bad relationship! The Rolex symbolizes the time she lost in a past relationship, that time that you'll never get back again. A lot of people say this song is about her relationship with A$AP Rocky. But who really knows?

15. Just Askin'
I don't really like this song, and I don't even know why. You should listen to it yourself! It's about Iggy asking her ex about his current girlfriend and that's it. I don't know why this track is on the Deluxe version. Bounce and rolex are far better than this song! 

All in all I expected more of Iggy but it's not a bad album and she showed me that she has the potential to stick around for a very long time. The songs all have more of a pop and electronic beat with a little bit of hip hop and dance hall. I expected a little more in the style of "Ignorant Art", but she continues to be one of my favorite artists. 

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