zondag 16 maart 2014

Album Review || Pharrell's 'G I R L'

Hi Dolls, 

Yesterday I reviewed Pharrell's new album G I R L ! I listened to the entire album on Spotify and I really liked it so I decided to listen again and make a review post! 

Before you read it, here's a video of "Happy" to make you a bit happier on this Monday morning!!! 

1. Happy 
The album starts out with "Happy", I always skip that song when I'm listening to Pharrell's album. I heard it way too many times, but it's still a fun upbeat song that lifts your spirit when you're feeling down. 
2. Marilyn Monroe
The second track on G I R L is named "Marilyn Monroe". This song is definitely one of my faves, it reminds me of disco tunes! It's quirky, fun and I love his message... "Not even Marilyn Monroe, Who Cleopatra not even Joan of Arc.That don't mean nothing to me. I just want a different girl," He applauds women who are different because what makes us different is what makes us special, awhh...
3. Brand New
 The third track is called "Brand New" and who do you think is featured on this song?! None other then Justin Timberlake! This song is perfect for when you're chilling with your friends and want to hear some relaxing tunes in the background. I always put on this album when I'm making an essay for school, it's very relaxing. 
4. Hunter
The fourth track is called "Hunter", and it can also be put in the disco genre. This song is very groovy and fits perfectly in the seventies and eighties R&B scene. 
5. Gush
The fifth track on G I R L is called "Gush" and gush can be defined as to "speak or write effusively or with exaggerated enthusiasm". The beat is strong but also very toned down. At first, I thought I heard the word kush...  Honest mistake =P
6. Come Get It Bae
 The sixth track is called "Come Get It Bae", it's a funk song and Miley Cyrus sings the chorus. I liked a lot of Miley's new songs but this collaboration wasn't my favorite.  
7. Gust of Wind
The seventh track, on the other hand, is one of my favorite songs! Pharrell worked with Daft Punk for this song, and when those three come together magic happens. Gust of Wind is a catchy song that's funky and groovy! 
8. Lost Queen
The eight track is called "Lost Queen", it's my favorite! He says "Though my planet's full of warfare, you make it feel like a dream". I love the lyrics to this song. Go listen to it right now! There's a hidden track after Lost Queen called Freq and it features Jojo (yes the JoJo from leave get out!), the song is soothing and again, helps you relax! 
9. Know Who You Are
The ninth track is called "Know Who You Are" and it features Alicia Keys. This is a feel good song where Alicia sings about pledging to live a life to the edge. 
10. It Girl
The tenth and last track is called "It Girl" and is definitely influenced by the seventies and eighties R&B. 

The songs are all mostly about women and having sex with them, but he sings it in a beautiful, groovy, funky and indirect way and we all seem to really love it! Listen to the entire album on Spotify when you're doing random stuff, it's perfect for studying and just let it play in the background when you're lounging with friends. You won't regret it! 



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