zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

Outfitpost || Let's Go To School!

Hi Dolls, 
I wanted to share an outfit I wear to school for a change! I always try to be fashionable but yet want to be really comfortable at school, so I combined my faux Isabel Marant sneaker wedges with some colorful pants and an oversized sweater I got from Vogue Nederland. Oversized sweaters are the best for school and if you're chilling at home, because they're really comfy and can still be very stylish. I always have my faux Birkin with me, it made my outfit chic but because of the sneakers it was also a little bit sporty. Exams are killing me, but my last one is Wednesday and I'll be sharing some great and exciting news after my exams so stay tuned for that!!! (Hint: check out my watch. bracelet and mobile cover) 
I'd like to know what you mostly wear to school to be stylish but comfortable! Let me know by commenting below! 

Lots of love, 


Cap: my fashionable mother || Necklace: Pull & Bear || Sweater: Vogue Nederland || Pants: Pull & Bear || Shoes: Shoe Line || Bag: Boujoux Rotterdam || Glasses: Eyelove || Mobile Cover: Style Headquarters || Watch & Bracelet: Style Headquarters

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  1. Leuke outfit meid!! :)

    Ik organiseer samen met CoolCat een leuke giveaway! Je kan namelijk 2x2 VIP kaarten winnen voor Release the Beast party. Het lijkt mij leuk als je meedoet :)


  2. you look so lovely!

  3. Superleuk, wat een toffe broek, zeg!



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  4. Always well dressed! Sieraden zijn heeeel leuk!

  5. Zeker een perfecte comfy outfit voor school!


  6. Fresh! Forever young!
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