zondag 28 april 2013

My First Outfitpost!!!

Hi Dolls,
Last Tuesday I went to Tilburg to meet up with a couple of friends I haven't seen for a while. It was really fun but I decided that it was time to start taking pictures of my outfits to show to you guys. So here it is, my first outfit post. I hope you like it!

As a fashion-freak I would like to buy clothes from all the designers and brands but I'm also a student so I simply don't have the money but I'm always on the lookout for Special Sales and Stores that have reasonable prices. 
Just to give you an idea of how much I paid for my outfit of the day, I'll also write down the prices. 

Shoes: ShoeLine €29
Pants: Pull&Bear €19
Top: Vila €17
Necklace: Pull&Bear €7,50
Watch: Lucardi €12,50
Orange Bracelets: Tally Weijl €3,50
RoseGoldSilver Bracelet: Bonjouq Rotterdam €9,95


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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk je eerste outfit post! Ziet er goed uit <3
    Beyonce was gaaf he? Grappig dat we elkaar tegen kwamen in die drukte ;-)


    1. jaa echt grappig dat we elkaar zagen in zo'n drukte en Beyonce was echt zoo geweldigg!!! NOg bedankt voor de follows, I appreciate it a lot! <3

  2. Oh ik volg je nu trouwens via GFC en Bloglovin!



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