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Personal Report || The Emazing MTV EMA's of 2013

Hi Dolls, 

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you must have noticed that I went to the MTV EMA's last night. Ever since this event was announced I wanted to go so badly! Months past by and I thought I would never win a ticket. But then MTV announced that they sold tickets. Of course your girl was there to buy the tickets to the hottest event of the year in Amsterdam. So, I finally got my tickets and I was ecstatic and I was very happy with my seats, but I did not mind to sit because I was going to the EMA's !!! ( if you know me personally, you know that I will never ever buy seats for concerts, I have to move, dance, scream and enjoy myself and I can only do that standing). Well, before I bought those tickets MTV announced that they were holding auditions for fans, I thought to myself ughh.. I don't have any talent so, whatever I can't go and I bought the seats. 

Well after seeing what the fans at the first audition did, my boyfriend and I made something up, we would dance, sing and scream and maybe we would get better tickets! And we went, we danced, we screamed and we sung and guess what??? We won bleacher tickets ( they were seats but so freaking close to the stage)! At first I was bumped out that I didn't get red carpet tickets but the bleacher tickets turned out to be amazing.

Well yesterday was the big day and I can definitely tell you that I have never experienced such an awesome event in my life! It was amazing. RedFoo was very funny as the host of the EMA's and he definitely did a good job! We first started out with Miley arriving in a spaceship with her little friend ( that looked like mini Britney in "Oops I Did It Again") and she sung "We Can't Stop", I wanted her to sing other songs from her amazing album but oh well, it was still great!!! Robin Thicke also came out singing his smash hit Blurred Lines, but the greatest thing about that performance was my favorite female rapper at the moment Iggy Azalea, she's really beautiful in person. I was starstruck because I was finally able to see her in person. BTW, it was so funny when Katy Perry won Best Female Award, her speech was really funny and you could hear that it was from the heart and that she never expected to win!

There was also real fireworks, yes, REAL FIREWORKS in front of us while Kings of Leon performed! Oh, and Bruno Mars performed Gorilla with a professional pole dancer, man.. that was HOT!!! Another great performance came from Eminem (performing Berzerk/Rap God). You just keep watching when he performs, there's never a dull moment and he's such a great rapper, that's why he also won the Global Icon Award and Best Hip Hop Award.

 Funny thing is our seats were placed close to the stage and you could see all the performers walk to the stage from the back. So I tried to get a glimpse up close from Eminem, I mean.. He is one of the greatest rappers of all time and I'm a fan of pretty much all his work. He received his Global Icon Award from Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy backstage so everything was happening right in front of me. When he walked away from the interview, I hold out my hand to him and he touched it, nodded at me and left. It was so surreal because it was like I was the only one he noticed. Okay, okay, I'm bragging (a little) but I loved it and I will never forget that moment!!!!

So I want to say thank you to MTV EMA for the amazing tickets, my boyfriend and I had the time of our lives. 

Oh and I'm writing an extensive post about Miley that I will post in a few weeks. I'm intrigued by her. The outfits, the behaviour, is this just very clever PR or did they really let her get out of control? She's so talented.The way she sung Wrecking Ball... pfff, I got goosebumps all over my body. Anyways I love her and her songs, and I didn't have any problem with her smoking on stage (but I definitely understand that it's not done).

My own pictures are really blurry so I just compiled a few pictures of my favorite parts of the show from entertainment-sites and only the last picture is my own. 



Of course there'll be a red carpet report on The Style HQ tomorrow! Stay tuned for that post...

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