vrijdag 6 september 2013

Fashion Report || Vogue's Fashion's Night Out

Hi Dolls,

I went to Vogue Nederland's Fashion's Night Out yesterday in Amsterdam and it was amazing!!!
The people, the stores, the fashion, the champagne! I love it!
I also got to meet one of my favorite models, Ovo Drenth and I was so excited!!! She's beautiful and a true inspiration for me for years now. I wish that every week had a Fashion's Night Out, it was so much fun!!!! A subscription to Vogue for 6 months included a cool Vogue sweater and I just had to take this deal, so now I get my Vogue's at the doorstep! Nice! =D =D

You can see some pictures of FNO below! Did you go to the FNO??? 
And if you did, what was your fave part? Mine was meeting Ovo!



At the Vogue Warehouse.
Posing for the photographer of G-Star Women.
Staying fit with Hermes.
In front of the Vogue-bus!
With one of my favorite models, Ovo Drenth.
Diesel Black Gold was fun!

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  1. Leuke post heb je gemaakt! Hoe gaat het met bloggen? Zie ik je binnenkort weer op een event? :)



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