donderdag 13 juni 2013

Outfitpost || Some Stripes, A Little Leather & A Faux Birkin Bag

Hi Dolls, 
It's time for another outfitpost!
The weather was pretty bad in the Netherlands today so I wore mostly black (read sad colors :p) but I incorporated a hint of summer because I had my blue faux Birkin along with me. Did I mention how I love Birkin Bags? I could stare at the real deal for hours! But until the day comes that I have my own real Birkin, a couple of faux ones are good enough. If you're also in love with Birkin Bags, I recommend Bonjouq Rotterdam at Plaza 15. Most sellers of faux Birkins have Birkins with metal rings attached to them, I hate that! But their Birkins look so much like the real ones, I love it! That's why I only buy at Bonjouq.   
Well, I hope you like my outfit!!! 

Blouse: ONLY  est.€ 20
Skirt: River Island  est. € 25
Booties: Van Dalen € 25
Necklace: New Look est. € 15
Bag: Bonjouq  90

If you have remarks/tips, comment below! I always like getting feedback from readers!


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